Short Love Poems for Her

If you are looking for a way to express your love for someone dear to your heart, there is no better way than with a short love poem. A love poem shows that you not only took the time to put your thoughts to paper, but that you also did it in an artistic and meaningful way. It certainly says more than buying a greeting card with someone else’s original thoughts presented in it.

Getting your thoughts together

When you’re trying to write a short love poem for your girl, start with thinking about your feelings. Don’t worry right away about rhyming and putting your thoughts into the form of a poem. Instead make a list of the things you love about her. Maybe you love the way she smiles, her laugh, or the way she comforts you when you are upset. Write all of these things down, as you may want to reference some of them in a poem. In your love poem you’ll want to express to her why she’s so important to you, and why your life wouldn’t be complete without her. So, make sure you’ve made a list of some of these reasons so you can incorporate them into your poem.

Deciding on a style

When you’re writing a poem for your loved one, it doesn’t have to follow the “rules” of poetry to perfection. You may decide that you don’t want to be limited by the rules that govern the writing of a sonnet or even a haiku. However, it still will probably be useful to read examples of other poems to get an idea of how to structure yours.