Sweet Love Poems

Sweet Love Poems –¬†Oh, my love, you must surely know; it is through the window of my soul I know that With every thought, care or secret that I do now hold
Through my love for you, my beloved heart, they will be forever yours to share
My love for you is as gentle as every silent whisper in the wind
The love we share is as warm as the gentle breeze that caresses my skin
Only you can fill my hearts need, you’re the only reason that I live

As the sun in it’s brilliant glory crests the mountain and begins to rise
My heart beats because you are the sole reason for my life
Oh,my heart; Do you Know How deeply I love you? Is it possible that you could know?
When you are near, I do not even feel the wind or the chill of the cold winter air
It is as though your love and mine Is our warmth, and yes dearest heart, even our shelter, on this earth, for us no matter where
Oh, my love, my heart, I cannot say in words how much I truly love you
Lying beside you in the still and silent night, my heart beats for only you
My beloved; hold me, touch me… and the warmth of your love through me shall flow,
Let the warmth of our love rush through us,and our beating hearts shall know
I know I shall not breathe anymore on this, or in fact any day, unless you do
You must surely know, Of all the yesterdays, I have no thought, in fact; I have no care
The only meaning to my life begins ocompletely on that day we first began to share
You must know with you, we are One heart, one wish, one soul and one mind
In this life we are united as one, with a love like the glorious diamonds they find
This Joy I feel of our love, Like a diamond, in it’s faceted brilliance
Oh, my heart, How I do love you, my beloved….
My love, should you lose your way in the long lonely, starlesas cold night
My heart will guide youback to me and light the way for you so bright